Raja Rammohun Roy Mahavidyalaya : Departments

Raja Rammohun Roy Mahavidyalaya : 52 Years Of Service To The Rural People In A Remote Area

Department of Bengali:

Year of Establishment: General –1964 ; Honours-1971

The department has a good number of teachers and all of them are dedicated and qualified. The students of the locality and the nearby area have an increasing demand for the subject and department wishes to satisfy their aspirations by realizing them. The college has decided to submit proposal for opening P.G. Programme in Bengali to cater to the academic needs of the students.

Name of Teachers :

1. Dr. Sandip Kumar Som (Associate Professor) (HOD)

2. Goutam Kar (Assistant Professor)

3. Dr. Sk. Nazrul Islam (Assistant Professor)

4. Subrata Kumar De (Part Time Teacher)

5. Suvendu Ghosh (Guest Teacher)

Department of English:

Year of Establishment: General – 1964; Honours- 1995

The department has dedicated and well qualified teachers and enthusiastic students. There is a good bonding between the teachers and the students, which help to carry on the pedagogic exercises smoothly. The students are really interested in overcoming all hurdles in learning which gives the teachers the energy to go ahead. Our plans are not novel, but potent with promises, which we are determined to fulfill. In a remote village, where the students mainly come from rural setup, to whom English is terrifying foreign language, the department is trying hard to bridge a bonding of love between them.

Name of Teachers :

1. Mousumi Chowdhury (Assistant Professor) (HOD)

2. Pradipta Shyam Chowdhury (Assistant Professor)

3. Pinaki Suvra Samanta (Part Time Teacher)

4. Avijit Ghosh (Part- Time Teacher)

Department of Sanskrit:

Year of Establishment:General – 1974; Honours - 2004

Sanskrit is one of the subject chosen by good students in this college. Such a situation compels the department to maintain the standard of teaching-learning. Male-female ratio among the students in the department indicates that women in the surrounding area are interested in this subject. This fact may be taken as an opportunity to popularize the subject among local people.

Name of Teachers :

1. Tapan Chakraborty (Contractual Whole - Time Teacher) (HOD)

2. Rajib Roy (Guest Teacher)

3. Santanu Chakraborty (Part- Time Teacher)

4. Gobinda Prasad Mukhopadhyay (Gest Teacher)

5. Dipanwita Roy (Guest Teacher)

Department of History:

Year of Establishment: General –1964; Honours–1970

The Department has qualified and dedicated Teachers who give their best for the development of the students. The teachers are regular in classes and try their best to develop independent thinking amongst the students. They use new age teaching methods besides chalk-and-talk to generate interest in students. Regular class-tests are taken to evaluate continuous progression of the students. Teachers attend seminars and workshops to augment their knowledge and impart newly acquired know-how to their students, and keep them updated on current research.

Name of Teachers :

1. Surajit Gupta (Assistant Professor) (HOD)

2. Tridip Mondal (Assistant Professor)

3. Suvajit Ghosh (Assistant Professor)

4. Arup Kumar Ghosal (Part- Time Teacher)

5. Robindranath Ghosh (Part- Time Teacher)

6. Subrata Nandy (Part -Time Teacher)

Department of Philosophy:

Year of Establishment: General –1964; Honours- 2005

The department has dedicated teachers who are successful in developing a bonding with the student.

Name of Teachers :

1. Kalyan Banerjee(Assistant Professor) (HOD)

2. Soumitra Das (Part -Time Teacher)

3. Utpal Mali (Part- Time Teacher)

4. Totan Hazra (Part -Time Teacher)

5. Joyesha Ghosh (Part Time Teacher)

Department of Political Science:

Year of Establishment:General –1964; Honours- 1969

The department has dedicated teachers who are successful in developing a Bonding with the student. The healthy Teacher –student relation has made it possible to make the teaching-learning process meaningful from every aspect.

Name of Teachers :

1. Abhisek Karmakar( Assistant Professor) (HOD)

2. Maidul Islam (Guest Teacher)

3. Pinaki Suvra Samanta (Part Time Teacher)

4. Sarina Hossain(Guest Teacher)

Department of Education:

Year of Establishment:General –2015-2016; Honours-2010-2011

Despite being the newest department of this college the numbers of student in this course has been increasing rapidly. Young and updated faculties are serving in the department who are familiar with the recent development in the field of Education.

Name of Teachers :

1. Abdul Raffique (Guest Teacher)

2. Mohua Kundu (Guest Teacher)

Department of Economics:

Year of Establishment: : General – 1969

We are to make the students more oriented towards Economics as a subject and make them aware of its future prospects.

Name of Teachers :

1. Santanu Nag (Assistant Professor) (HOD)

Department of Geography:

Year of Establishment:General –2005-2006; Honours-2007-2008

The department has dedicated teachers, who are always keen on imparting quality knowledge to the students. The students are also enthusiastic about the subject. The students of the locality have a growing interest for the subject.

Name of Teachers :

1. Shrabanti Mondal (Part Time Teacher)

2. Suvendu Ghosh (Part Time Teacher)

3. Amina Khatun (Part Time Teacher)

4. Sanjit Panja (Part Time Teacher)

5. Falguni Bag (Part Time Teacher)

6. Mou Shaw (Part Time Teacher)

7. Bidyut Halder (Part Time Teacher)

Name of Lab Attendant :

1. Tanmay Bera

2. Naba Kumar Das

Department of Physics:

Year of Establishment: General – 1964; Honours- 1989

The subject Physics had been a ‘department’ since very beginning of the college. Honours course had been started from 1989. Presently the department is running with 2-full time teachers excluding the Principal who is also from the department, 1 senior visiting faculty, 3 guest lecturers and 2 laboratory assistants. 25 seats for Honours have been sanctioned from the University of Burdwan to which the college is affiliated. The department has a well-maintained laboratory having most of the experimental set-up ready for three year Honours and General students, a small departmental library with lending facility available for all the students and computer with internet access. Last but not the least, teaching and learning are issues which are given the topmost priority amongst all.

Name of Teachers :

1. Dr. Rina De ( Assistant Professor) (HOD)

2. Sirsendu Bhattacharya ( Assistant Professor)

3. Dr. Debarata Majumdar (Principal)

4. Sambhunath Sarkar (Visiting Faculty)

5. Sujit Santra (Guest Teacher)

6. Sourav Kumar Chandra (Guest Teacher)

7. Surajit Manna (Guest Teacher)

Name of Lab Attendant:

1. Asit Kumar Koor

2. Biswajit Dolui

Department of Chemistry:

Year of establishment: General – 1964; Honours – 2000

After the inception of department of chemistry in Raja Rammohun Roy Mohavidyalaya in the year of 1964, the laboratories and classrooms had been built with adequate space which is considered to be a pre-requisite criterion of a very good practical class laboratory for the under-graduate students. The thought, foresight and work put in to building and fitting the laboratories by the then science faculty coupled with the care and planning afterwards by the newly appointed faculties have resulted in acquiring new equipment and chemicals as and when funds have been available from the UGC, New Delhi and also from the state government of West Bengal. This has ensured that the laboratories can cater efficiently to the demand of the present students though the numbers have increased when the department was started some years before.

Name of Teachers :

1. Dr. Shrabanti Benerjee ( Assistant Professor) (HOD)

2. Dr . Ranjana Bhattacharya ( Assistant Professor)

3. Dr. Pulak Kumar Mondal ( Assistant Professor)

4. Sourav Hazra (Guest Teacher)

6. Preyasi De (Guest Teacher)

5. Debdas Guchhait (Guest Teacher)

Name of Lab Attendant:

1. Soyak Chakraborty

2. Chandra Sekhar Patra

Department ofMathematics:

Year of Establishment: General –1964, Honours-2001

The department has young dynamic and dedicated teachers. The number of students are increasing. The void created by two Whole-time teachers (in leave on lien) has been filled by young teachers fresh from University and full of energy.

Name of Teachers :

1. Tathagata Hazra (Part -Time Teacher) (HOD)

2. Chanchal Mondal (Part- Time Teacher)

3. Arabinda Jana (Part- Time Teacher)

4. Chandan Roy (Guest Teacher)

5. Soumyadip Mondal (Guest Teacher)

6. Premananda Mondal (Guest Teacher)

Department of Zoology:

Year of Establishment: General – 1974-1975; Honours- 2000-2001

The Department of Zoology was established in this college in 1974. The department offers up-to-date and pertinent undergraduate programme (B.Sc Hons and B.Sc General) in Zoology with emphasis on fundamentals as well as emerging areas of modern biology. During last five years, the department has offered practical training of the students and continuous internal assessment. It also has flexible flexibility in framing courses and conducting tests and examinations. The faculty members of the department have been actively engaged in research and have received research grants from UGC. To encourage students to achieve academic excellence and increase their awareness of the world around them, the department organizes a number of quiz competitions, preparation of wall magazines etc. every year. To carry out field studies, the department also conducts annually an educational excursion to different parts of India. Apart from all these, the department has computer facility with access to internet. The faculty members use modern and advanced teaching methods. The department also has library facility for access of the students. Finally, the Zoology Department is a friendly place to study where we strive to value all members of the department.

Name of Teachers :

1. Dr. Mamta Dey (Associate Professor)(HOD)

2. Denarayan Saha ( Asst. Professor)

3. Dr. Ananya Nayak ( Asst. Professor)

4. Sohini Chatterjii (Guest Teacher))

Name of Lab Attendant:

1. Nabakumar Hajra

2. Samar Kanti Mandal

Department of Botany:

Year of Establishment: Botany General- 1974-75 ; Botany Hons-1995-96

The Botany Department began its journey in 1974-75, under the able leadership of Prof. N. Barui and Pros. B.T. Patra. The Honours stream started in 1995-96, since then the Department follow a very caring approach to the learners at basic level of plant science. It feels proud for the success of its students at B.U. exams. The department is fondly remembering the alumni, staffs and ex-teachers for its journey till date. It organizes Botanical excursions for its students particularly in rich vegetation zones all over India. The department strongly believes in its social commitments and organized several programmes correspondingly. Students play a vital role here and for that the Department has arranged well equipped labs, Herbaria, Botanical garden, Exchange classes, Quiz, Extempo, Wall Magazine (Manjari) etc. It has already performed well during the peer team visit of SAC and NAAC.

Name of Teachers :

1. Dr . Partha Sarathi Mukherjee (Associate professor) (HOD)

2. Dr. Irani Biswas ( Asst. Professor)

3. Dr. Prasanta Mallick ( Asst. Professor)

4. Smarajit Roy (GLI)

5. Tista Dutta (Part Time Teacher)

Name of Lab Attendant:

1. Somnath Mukherjee

Department of Computer Science:

Year of Establishment: General – 2001-2002

The department has seen a sudden increase in the number of students which signifies the demand of the subject in the locality. The department considers it to be a opportunity to itself for its betterment.

Name of Teachers :

1. Sanjay Mukherjee (Part Time Teacher) (HOD)

Department of Commerce:

Year of Establishment: General –1967; Honours-1980

The Department of Commerce has dedicated teachers, who try their best for the overall development of a student. Though the department is small, the faculties are potent enough to implement any new pedagogical strategy or policy for the advancement of the students.

Name of Teachers :

1. Sanat Kumar Bag (Associate Professor) (HOD)

2. Kaustav Roy (Part Time Teacher)

Department of Physical Education:

Year of Establishment: Year of Establishment: General –2001

There is a heavy demand among the students for Physical Education and the college tries its level best to address their demand. The college is constructing Indoor Sports Training Facility funded by The University Grants Commission for the department.

Name of Teachers :

1. Srikanta Mour (Contractual Whole - Time Teacher) (HOD)

2. Bijan Bhandari (Part-Time Physical Instructor)

3. Gopal Roy (Guest Teacher)

Department of Environmental Studies Unit:

Year of Establishment: General – 1964; Honours- 1995

The Environmental Studies Unit is run mainly by the faculties of Botany and Zoology. A project in Environmental Studies is mandatory for all final year students. This project is guided by all the science departments along with Economics and Geography Department.

Department of Library Staff:

Year of Establishment: General – 1964; Honours- 1995

1. Gourhari Pal (Librarian)

2. Chandan Kumar Roy (Library Clerk)

3. Baneswar Chakraborty (Library Peon)

Administrative Staff

1. Biswajit Mukherjee (Cashier and Head Clerk)

2. Subrata Roy Chowdhury (Clerk and Accountant)

3. Md. Illias (Clerk)

4. Arun Kumar Banerjee (Electrician and Care Taker)

5. Lakshmi Kanta Mitra (Office Bearer)

6. Subrata Dutta (Office Bearer)

7. Sarathi Maparu (Khan) (Lady Attendant)

8. Bidyut Santra (Night Guard)

9. Asit Patra (Sweeper)

10. Indrajit Koor (Boys’ Hostel Cook)

11. Asit Kumar Mitra (Boys’ Hostel Asst. Cook)

12. Bhagya Santra (Boys’ Hostel Kitchen Attendant)

13. Sukumar Singha Roy (Boys’ Hostel Helper>

14. Tapas Bhurisreshtha (Boys’ Hostel Helper

)15. Chhaya Pan (Girls’ Hostel Cook)/p>

16. Madhusudan Chakraborty (Girls’ Hostel Helper

17. Suman Roy (General Section

18. Gopal Chakraborty (General Section)

19. Bholanath Dutta (General Section)

20. Kartick Das (Guard)

21. Pabitra Bhattacharyya (Guard)