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D Saha

31st Jan 2015

This college is situated at a stone-throwing distance from the birth-place of the harbinger of Indian Renaissance Raja Rammohan Roy and bearing his name. Like him, many of the pioneers of different fields in the modern era e.g Prasanna Kumar Sarbadhikary (author of first Bengali arithmetic book and member of the syndicate of Calcutta University), Debaprasad Sarbadhikary (Vice-Chancellor, C.U), Bhupendranath Bose (Vice-Chancellor of C.U and first President of Mohunbagan Ac), Berry Sarbadhikary (noted cricket commentator), Kamal Basu (Mayor, Calcutta Corporation), Pradip Kumar Banerjee (noted filmstar) were born in the nearby areas. But most of them left the place and chose their area of activity in Kolkata or elsewhere. The place , carrying the rich cultural heritage and the erstwhile fame of the Khanakul-Krishnanagar Bidyotsamaj, remained more or less the same — underdeveloped, over populated and flood stricken.

Against this backdrop, the college was established in 21st February, 1964. There were not many roads for communication and the infrastructure of the college was rudimentary. Sri Prafulla Chandra Sen, the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, was the first President of the Governing Body and Sri Shantimohan Roy, a noted social and political activist, was the founder Secretary. Prof. Kanailal Mukherjee joined the college as the first Principal.

Gradually, the college increased in size. In 2007, the college was accredited by NAAC and it was adjudged B+ Grade College. In the preface of Self Study Report for NAAC accreditation, we declared: Our aim is to transform this underdeveloped locality to a part of a ‘new world society’ and prepare our students to “learn how to learn” and to “earn faith in the self”.

Go through the pages to know more about the progress and enrich us with your support and suggestions. Best wishes and heartiest welcome!