Raja Rammohun Roy Mahavidyalaya : Sports

Raja Rammohun Roy Mahavidyalaya : 52 Years Of Service To The Rural People In A Remote Area

The College has several sports facilities available to encourage the students for bright sports career. The college has a committee to look after all the matters concerned with sports

Sports Committee Members:

1. Surajit Gupta

2. Abhisek Karmakar

3. Tridib Mandal

4. Dr Pulak Chandra Mandal

5. Srikanta Mour

6. Bijan Bhandary

7. Utpal Mali

8. Soumitra Das

9. Toton Hazra

10. Subrata Datta

Available Infrastructural Facilities:

• College ground (100m X 70m approx.)

• Arrangement for shot put & archery

• High jump & long jump pits

• Outdoor games : Football, Kabadi, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball Indoor Games : Carrom, Chess

• Well-equipped Gymnasium (2 rooms, each about 8 sq.m.) with modern facilities