Raja Rammohun Roy Mahavidyalaya

Govt. Sponsored | NAAC Accredited Grade 'B' [2nd cycle]

Affiliated to the University of Burdwan

Raja Rammohun Roy Mahavidyalaya, although situated at very remote area of Hooghly district but believes in imparting an all-inclusive education. The main focus is to stimulate the students towards acquiring an assimilative learning. As an organisation Raja Rammohun Roy Mahavidyalaya continuously developing itself. So, together with the flourishing of the academic pursuits, the vision of the College is to develop an all-encompassing view of life among all the three stakeholders---students, teachers and the non - teaching staff. This finds expression in the ways the different units of the College function. The institution is committed towards the development of the community in and around it. This finds resonance in the campaigns associated with promoting healthy lifestyle habits, awareness of the environmental -friendly practices, maintenance of cleanliness, responding proactively to hazardous medical emergencies. All these initiatives need the involvement of the students. Such involvements promotes the hidden potentials of these young minds. The NSS units of the College arrange camps outside the college with the objective of social awareness. Educating young minds operate at different levels. The Rain Water Harvesting Unit of this College is a constant reminder of the conservation in the context of the ever-depleting natural resources.