Mission & Vision

The Vision and Mission statements of the Raja Rammohun Roy Mahavidyalaya reflect our resolve to assiduously pursue and achieve our objectives. It is our commitment to continue to be at the forefront of providing the best tertiary education to our students and acting as a catalyst in shaping a bright and sustainable future of our nation.

Vision :

       To be a world class college through continuous innovations in education, research, creativity, and entrepreneurship with an aim to have a transformative impact on society.

Mission :

        Raja Rammohun Roy Mohavidyalaya, Hooghly, cultivates in its students a passion for learning and a respect for others, while embracing diversity and the pursuit of excellence. We create a community in which individuals develop competence, confidence and character. Our active learning environment, in and out of the classroom, develops creative and critical thinkers, unafraid to express their ideas, making them prepared to seek meaningful lifetime success.


  1. To inculcate values of courage, conviction and faith in the students so that they leave lasting footprints in the sands of time.
  2. To raise stakeholder’s awareness of global issues, providing new learning opportunities.
  3. To Enhance, Enrich and Empower the communication and computation skills amongst both rural and urban student communities.
  4. To maintain academic standards through creative and innovative techniques.


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